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EICAR standard anti-virus test file


The setup script EICAR.INF creates

Background Information

EICAR logo The EICAR anti-virus test file is a 16-bit real mode DOS program that prints the text
upon execution. Its binary code
is a pure ASCII text of 68 bytes length which should be detected by every anti-virus program.

Alternative Formats

The EICAR anti-virus test file can also be created directly by current WWW browsers through data URLs in the following file formats:

Authenticity and Integrity

EICAR.CAB is digitally signed using an X.509 certificate issued by WEB.DE TrustCenter E-Mail Certification Authority.
Serial number of the certificate
Fingerprint of the certificate
MD5: e5 0b 01 66 ce 2e 7a 03 f4 98 39 37 f6 f9 9f ba
SHA-1: 79 05 5d 63 2f 03 31 83 04 e2 ff 3b 25 b9 cc b6 70 ad ec 31
Download and install the CA and root X.509 certificates of WEB.DE to validate and verify the digital signature.

Note: due to its counter signature alias timestamp the digital signature remains valid past the X.509 certificates expiration date!


The shortcut icon EICAR.ICO and the setup script EICAR.INF are packaged in the (compressed and digitally signed) cabinet file EICAR.CAB.


The installation requires no administrative privileges.

Automatic online installation

If visited with Internet Explorer, this web page will prompt to install (the contents of) the package using Internet Component Download.

Manual offline installation

Download the package EICAR.CAB and verify its digital signature, then open it in Windows Explorer, extract its contents, right-click the extracted setup script EICAR.INF to display its context menu and click Install to run the installation.


Not provided.


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